Android P beta 3 : Download the latest beta 3 version for One Plus 6

One plus 6 is known for its unrivaled power,performance, looks and camera quality. In contrast to the other smartphones within the same range one plus 6 has far greater features. Google is performing beta testing on one plus 6 for their upcoming Android version which is Android Pie. The official release date of Android Pie given by one plus is 30 November 2018. The latest one plus 6 update is Android P beta 3 (Developer Preview 4).

When one plus 6 gets Android P:-

The developers of one plus 6 are working hard in providing the stable version of Android P. Their engineers are currently working on the update which seems to be final update for one plus 6. The one plus 6 Android P beta 3 was released in August 2018. The developer preview mode for one plus 6 Android P beta first released in May 2018. This beta version was particularly provided for one plus 6 users to make it more user friendly and stability in UI. After that many beta versions of the one plus 6 were provided to the users. The current one plus 6 Android P users having dp 3(Developer Preview 3) in their phones.  The Change log for one plus 6 Android P dp 3 (Developer Preview 3) were:

  • System Update
    • Updated Android security patch to 2018.7
    • Updated Google Mobile Services
    • Improved system stability
    • Fixed issue with hotspot functionality
  • Camera
    • Improved image quality
    • Fixed issue with watermark option functionality
  • Third-Party Apps
    • Improved camera functionality with third-party apps
    • Fixed compatibility issues with certain third-party apps
  • System
    • System stability and power consumption issues
  • Bluetooth
    • Compatibility issues with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Third-Party Apps
    • Some apps may not function as expected when running on this Developer preview release.

The Current one plus 6 Android P beta 3 version is quite stable but after the fixes done by one plus engineers. They are working on the next generation developer preview mode which is the beta 4 version of the Android Pie. According to developer this is the official update for the one plus phones. After this the official update for one plus 6 will be provided at the end of November 2018.

One Plus 6 Android P beta 3 download

Important points before installing one plus 6 Android P beta 3 version:-

The Android P beta 3 version for one plus 6 can be downloaded from here  but before that you need to know few important points before installing the dp 3 (Developer Preview 3) on your one plus 6 smartphones :

  • First and the most important thing while installing the battery should be above 30%. If not first charge your phone then install the beta 3 version otherwise their is a chance of malfunctionin of system UI.
  • Always back up your data before installing any system update or if you are going for higher Android upgrade.
  • If you are moving from higher Android version to a lower version make sure to back up your data.
  •  Beta versions are under developing program these beta program are not the official update for your phone. Some of the application will not respond or work properly so as a beta tester you should keep these things in your mind.
  • Google pay will not work with beta build and google play store may warn you about the”Device not certified by  Google”.
  •  This beta version support most recent version of one plus Oxygen OS, and nothing else. You cannot use these instructions with a rooted Android device or with a device that’s running a custom OS.

How to download Android Pie beta 3 for one plus 6:-

Since Android P beta 4 version for one plus is under developing by one plus developers. So you can download the Android P beta 3 version. First you have to open the one plus website and go to the download section where you will know what changes are done in this update. You’ll find the file you need under the “ROM downloads” section below the one plus 6, and the file you’re looking for will be called “One Plus 6 OxygenOS Open Beta,” followed by a number. Open that link, then scroll down and click the “Download” button. The size of the file is around 1.5 GB which you need to download.

One Plus 6 Android P beta 3 download

How to Install Android Pie beta 3 for one plus 6:-

The process you need to follow during the installation of Andriod P beta 3 for one plus 6:

  • If you’re using a computer or laptop connect your one plus 6 using the charging cable, and copy the downloaded file over from your PC into your phone.
  • If you downloaded it straight to your phone, open the File Manager app and go to the Storage tabGo to Downloadtap and hold the file to select it, then tap on the triple vertical dots on the top right and hit CutYou will now need to choose the path ,tap on the Internal storage marker above the file, then press Paste. The file will store in the root directory.
  • Once the file is transferred to your one plus 6, head over to Settings > System updates, then hit the vertical dot symbol on the top-right of the screen.
  • Hit Local upgrade, find the file, and hit Install.
  • Reboot your phone and then you are ready to use the latest version of android.


The release date of Android Pie for one plus 6 , 5T and 5 at the end of the November 2018. The ending year will give us the more stable version of Android P. Though it has many cool features but various changes need to be done before launching the stable version as they are providing the beta version of Android P. I will recommend to use the previous version of Android i.e. Oreo 8.1 since the current version of Android i.e. Pie is under developing so any changes may lead to loss of your data. If you are installing Android P on your phone then follow the proper procedure or you can wait for the official update of Android Pie for one plus phones. Click on the given link to download the dp 3(Developer Preview 3) version directly.

 One Plus 6 Android P beta 3 download

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