Angry Birds Seasons: Download Latest Version(v6.6.2) for Android devices

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I think every person knows or heard about Angry Bird or you have seen various toys, animations as well as movie. But do you know that Rovio launched Angry Birds game for the android phones. There are many parts of Angry Birds game but we will talk about the latest game released by Rovio named as  Angry Birds Seasons game. The game was very popular among the children’s as well as for the older peoples. Since it is very addictive and people cannot stand without playing this game. The game contains various kinds of powerful birds which attack the viking pigs kingdom and destroys it.

About Angry Bird Seasons:-

The Angry Birds Seasons game is a product of Rovio Mobile. The latest update released in the May 2018. In this Android game the Angry birds attacked the viking pigs kingdom. The targets i.e. viking pigs are present at the structure and Birds have to target them. In order to reach the viking pigs slingshot are provided on that slingshot they target the pigs and destroy them. There are various ways to destroy the pigs it depends on your choice which strategy would you follow. They can be defeated by a direct hit or try something different like destroying the structures which will fall on the pigs and they are defeated. Another possible strategy is to eliminate the weak ones then go for the strong one. The small pigs are weak and vulnerable but the larger pigs are strong so a strategy is need to defeat them.

In Angry Birds Seasons 2018 update new levels are added and various changes were done like enhancing the game play and controls. The requirements to play Angry birds Seasons is that your device should be version 4.1 and above.

Click here to download Angry Birds Seasons apk

 Features of Angry Birds Seasons 2018:-

  • The game contains different episodes and the counting of these episodes are about 31 means there are 31 episodes in this game.
  • The number of levels in this game is about 925+ means more destruction of viking pigs.
  • Unique power ups which help to clear the level easily and increase score points in the game.
  • The PIG CHALLENGE! where you can play with your friends and see who is the best bird flinger.
  • You can share your score on your Facebook account if your age is above 13 years. Also you can buy Rovio products from selected partners.
  • The game contains certain Easter eggs if you complete the task then you can acquire those Easter eggs.

Click here to download Angry Birds Seasons apk.  

Whats New in Angry Birds Seasons 2018 Update:-

The Angry Birds Seasons 2018 update contains the following improvements

  • Cleaning up around the nest.
  • Pecking at some bugs.
  • Some minor improvements were done.

How to download Angry birds Seasons 2018:-

You can follow the following procedure to download Angry Birds Seasons :

  • You have click on the link given below.
  • After that click on the download button and  the apk will start download.
  • The apk downloaded in your  storage device and you are ready to install it.

Click here to download Angry Birds Seasons apk.  

How to install the Angry Birds Seasons apk:-

The procedure to install the Angry Birds Seasons apk as follows:

  • Find the downloaded apk in your device.
  • Click on the apk and allow the user to install the apk from the unknown sources.
  • Hit the install button and you game will be installed on your device.
  • Open the Angry Birds Seasons game and login with your valid Facebook account.
  • You can share your scores with your friends.


The 2018 update of Angry Birds Seasons contains the exclusive features for users. This game is very popular and across the globe it has 2 billion downloads. From this figure you can assume the popularity of  Angry Birds game. In my opinion you should try at least one time and you will see to become addicted to this game. This game is the only game which is very addictive  for all the ages whether small or grown ups. Make sure that the game addiction do not blow your mind off.

Click here to download Angry Birds Seasons apk .


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