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Upcoming Call Of Duty Legends of War Battle Royale Game For Android

Hey friends, you are well known to the battle royale games such as PUBG and Fortnite which has changed the entire gaming platform. With the release of PUBG Mobile on an Android device, it has become the most popular game of the year 2018 if I tell you about a game which can become the competitor of these games and yet to launch as its alpha testing is ongoing. The name of this Android game is Call Of Duty Legends Of War.

About Call Of Duty Legends Of War:-

The popular gaming company Activision collaborate with Tencent in August 2018. This starts in the preparation of building of an ultimate Battle Royale Game. Recently the developer of the launch the alpha version of the game. It is available at the all country Play Store if you want to play the game you can download it from there. The Facebook page of the game from where you can get the information about the game. The Call Of Duty Legends Of War has several new features which comprise of new maps, weapons, and gears. Graphics of the game are pretty awesome you can see every detail easily. The game is only in First Person Shooting mode(FPS).

There are two modes in this game one is Multiplayer and other is Zombie mode. In multiplayer, there are 10 players who can participate in the game and further divided into two groups. This fight takes place between player vs. player or PvP and survives to the end. The zombie mode which is the trademark of this call of duty series. In this mode, you have to escape the hordes of flesh-eating zombies. You can play the zombie mode solo or in a team with your friends. The multiplayer mode is further divides into two parts one is Team Deathmatch, and other is Frontline. Also, you can play as call of duty most famous characters such as captain price from modern warfare or more.

Application Name Call of duty : Legends of war
Size 1.1 GB
Version 1.0
Supported Android6.1 and higher
Root Device Not Important
DownloadsUnder Beta Testing

Features of Call Of Duty Legends Of War:-

There are several amazing features which makes it different from other Battle Royal Games are as follows:

  • Two modes in the game one are Multiplayer mode and Second is Zombie mode.
  • Multiplayer mode includes Team Deathmatch and Frontline where 5 vs. 5 players can participate.
  • Play solo and co-op in zombie mode.
  • In PvP(player vs. player) fight with players around the globe defeat them to earn the victory.
  • A different collection of Maps such as Nukes, Crash and Hijacked.
  • First Person Shooting (FPS) controls and high quality of graphics with detailed visuals and stunning effect.
  • Customization of controls can be done according to the player.
  • Favorite Characters from Call of Duty series such as captain price and other favorite characters.


The releasing date of the game has not announced yet as the alpha testing is going on. Don’t worry; we will notify in our blog regarding the release of the game. In short, the Call of Duty Legends of War Battle Royale game can fight head-on with favorite games like PUBG and other similar battle royale game. To sum up, the graphics are awesome and the latest feature is the zombie mode which cannot be seen in other Android games. If you like this article share it with your friends and rate the article. Stay tuned to our blog for the latest update regarding the releasing of the game.

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