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Discord App – Chat for Gamers :-

Discord is chat app for the online streaming games. There are multiple players connect at the same time form this app. Discord is the only cross-platform voice and text chat app designed specifically for gamers. Recently PUBG Mobile game users use Discord app. You can also stay connected to all your Discord voice and text chat channels even while AFK. It is perfect for chatting with team members. You can seeing who is playing online, and catching up on text conversations you may have missed. This app available all app store.

Discord App

Discord Server :-

Discord provide server which are used on multiplayer games. You can easily create own channel for that game which one played by gamers and also invite to same game user on this channel.

Multiple channel o Discord App

Discord bots :-

Discord app also provide bots facility and the bots is important part which are maintain Discord channel. Bots message on new users which are connect on discord channel. Bots send message for new users which are connect on discord channel.

Discord bots

Discord App Integration :-

  • If you don’t have a Discord account and a Discord server, so 1st of all you create account.
  • Sign into Night bot and head to the Integrations tab. Here all integration settings for Discord are managed.
  • Clicking “Connect” will open a popup where you allow Night bot to access your Discord account information. Upon granting access you’ll then be able to add Night bot to a Discord server. Select your server from the dropdown list and click “Authorize.”
  • Nightbot should now be in your Discord Server! Night bot is given a Discord role named “Night bot” with the permissions you just granted it. You can modify the role’s permissions and colors as wanted. All of your Nightbot commands will now be functional in your Discord server.
  • For further customization, click the “Settings” button for your server on the Nightbot Integrations page. For each userlevel, select a Discord role for Moderators, Regulars, and Subscribers (if applicable). Enabling “Role Syncing” will auto-sync these roles every 15 minutes. Click “Update” to save these settings.

Benefits of Discord App :-

  1. Communicate all team members
  2. Direct Message , sharing videos and images on discord channel
  3. Better voice quality as compare to normal voice
  4. Add multiple members

Conclusion :-

Discord app is good for gamers. It is mostly used for online games which play different place but players divided on different teams. Join voice channels and chat with your group. Easily add friends to your voice server by sharing the Instant Invite link and Send one-to-one private messages.

Click here to Download the Discord app .


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