Extreme Balancer 3: Download the Latest Version for Android device

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In childhood days everyone has played the game of balancing. We all played this game in real time but is it possible to made this kind of game? The answer is yes and these days balancing games are popular among the children as well as grown ups. Extreme Balancer 3 is one of the most popular android game among the children. In this game there is a ball by rolling it with the help of control given in the game use it and reach the destination.

About Extreme Balancer 3:-

Extreme Balancer 3 is an adventurous game developed by Enteriosoft. The game consists of a ball and our target is to make the ball to reach its destination. The destination point is the boat where the ball needs to reach. In between the source and the destination several obstacles are there you have to pass these obstacles in order to pass the level. The whole surrounding is full of water and there are wooden plancks through which the ball moves and reach the boat i.e. destination.

There are 60 levels in the game which will unlock in step by step manner on clearing the below levels. Five respawns are provided on a each level and if you use all the respawns then your game will be over. But no need to worry you can start your game from that level where you left off. The difficulty level increases as you move to the higher levels. In Extreme Balancer 3 the respawn or life are present at top right corner in the shape of hearts. The graphic quality also improved in Extreme Balancerupdate released on 27 september 2018. Every details are perfect the splashing of water are so good. If you want infinite life or respawns you have to download the Extreme Balancer 3 mod apk.

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What’s new in this update?

Extreme Balancer 3 update consists of

  • New levels which are added in this update in order to improve your balancing techniques.
  • There were some minor bugs which are fixed in this update.
  • Improved in user interface quality i.e. the graphics as well as controls are improved in this update.

Extreme Balancer 3 apk 

How to Install Extreme Balancer 3 mod apk:-

You have to simple procedure to install Extreme Balancer 3 mod apk in your android device:

  • click on the downloaded Extreme Balancer 3 mod apk.
  • Give the permissions required by the phone to install apk from unknown sources.
  • Then hit the install button and you are ready to play the game.
  • The good thing about this app is that it does not require any sign up to play the game.
  • Just click on “Start game” and play the game.


This type of games are popular among the children as well as grown up. These are far more reliable then the violent games which children play these days. These games increase the concentration of mind likewise you will see that the ball should not divert from its path. If changes the path then your game will be over as the path changes continuously you will focus on that path and not allow your ball to fall down. The graphics is also good so overall it is a quite good game. I would recommend you to download this game and play at least one time. Its a kind of addictive game you want to play more and more.

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