PUBG Mobile Snow Map Vikendi Update 0.10.2 Released for Beta Testing

PUBG Mobile has become a legend game with more than 25 million online users who play the game on a daily basis. the game comes under the category of Action and Shooting. In the current version which is PUBG Mobile version 0.9.5, there are three maps Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. Also in PUBG Moblie update 0.9.5  new vehicles, as well as new weapons, were introduced. But the upcoming PUBG Mobile Snow Map Vikendi Update 0.10.2 contains a new map and its a snow map. Rumours are there about this map that this one of the best maps in terms of graphics and its environment. The name of the new map which is about to release is Vikendi.

The Map first released for Xbox and PS4 as beta testing to know the response of the users and also to know about the bugs or improvements need to be done before releasing the map. At 1.30 PM(8 AM) the beta testing starts and available for 24 hours. The PUBG Mobile Snow Map Vikendi Update 0.10.2 has cross-matching feature to match the player of the same tier from different servers. In the upcoming pubg mobile update, new vehicle Snowmobile and snow Ghillie suit will be there. New weather snow is awesome and the new surroundings are so impressive that you will get thinking about the releasing of the new update. But do not worry the update will come as a Christmas gift by the Tencent.

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Features of PUBG Mobile Snow Map Vikendi Update 0.10.2:-

Here are the highlights of the PUBG Mobile Snow Map Vikendi Update 0.10.2:

  • The area of Vekndi map is 6km x 6km which is greater than Sanhok but lesser than Erangel and Miramar in size.
  • The map releases on December 20 and available for matchmaking after 24 hours of the release of the game.
  • New vehicle Snowmobile is there on the new map.
  • You can do snow fighting in the Vikendi spawn island.
  • New weather snow mode introduces in the map just like day/night mode in Erangel and Foggy weather in Sanhok.
  • New layouts are added in the game for the players with large hands so at the time of shooting the button with getting enlarge. This will make control easy.
  • New snow ghillie suit added in the upcoming update.
  • Season 1 crew challenge winners will display on the Erangel spawn island on their respective servers. Season 1
  • winning team will appear on their servers and modes.
  • The season 2 crew challenge registration will start on 18 December 2018 at 0.00 UTC.
  • Now the player’s can check their crew challenge results from the crew pages and also share the results with other players.

Other changes are done in the game:-

Thematic changes:-

  • New snow theme add-on to the main menu. You can collect bells from the classic modes and exchange in the gift centre to get exciting gifts.
  • Shop’s front theme gets change after each major update.

Matchmaking Changes:-

  • Cross server matchmaking means you can match with other server players if the player has the same league as you have. Means if you are a diamond league player then you can pair with the diamond player of another server.
  • The repeated exit from the different game by the players leads to ban from the game for the short period. Do not exit the game unnecessarily otherwise you will not be able to play the game for a while.

Security Improvements:-

  • The player can report suspicious behavior while spectating through the opponents.

Reward improvements:-

  • Now collect daily mission rewards at once.
  • Season spending reward you can get this reward by spending different amounts to get exclusive rewards and discounts on firearm finishes.
  • You can get the pubg game download from the link given below.

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  • Lucky treasure, a feature that allows you to get upgradable weapon finish glacier in M416 when they finish the daily mission.

Other improvements:-

  • Added Arabic support.
  • Now the chat system will take less memory and stores more message.
  • In Quick chat option, new commands are added.
  • Players need not the preferred language or chat option during the matchmaking.


You can get pubg game download from the Google play store or download the apk from here. If you want to know more information about the pubg mobile update, then stay tuned to our blog. We will provide you with the latest news and changes done in the game. Share this article to your friends as well as to your family who is PUBG lover. Also, rate our post according to your interest.

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