PUBG Mobile version 0.15.00 Apk: Download latest version with new features

It’s a piece of good news to all PUBG lovers that latest version has been released. Tencent is developing this game by adding new features to the game. PUBG Mobile version 0.15.00 Apk contains many cool features as well as challenging for mobile gamer. Those who are playing in China are now able to get their hands on a brand new beta version. The new beta version comes in handy if you are a Chinese gamer or a gamer who gets their updates in China. The gamers outside the china will not get their hands on this version. You can get Pubg mobile download from play store also.

The coming new year Tencent giving Christmas as well as New Year presents to all PUBG players by introducing a new snow map Vikendi in Pubg mobile. The new map is based on the snow theme. Likewise in other maps such as Erangel there is day/night mode and in Sanhok you can see fog. In the later updates, you will also be able to see the climatic changes in the Vikendi map such as snowfall or blizzard. The testing of the beta version of the map started after it was an alpha testing phase for play station and Xbox. There were various glitches and problem in the maps which were fix by the developer team. The current Vikendi Map is also in the beta testing phase. There are new features which are introduced in the Pubg mobile update. Read the full to know about the changes done in this update.

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PUBG Mobile Zombie mode update:-

It’s good news to PUBG mobile players that on 18th February 2019 the server will go on maintenance mode until (8.00) UTC. The Tencent gaming is adding zombie mode to the game for which the PUBG mobile player was waiting. Now this long waiting is about to end in this update you will see various new features added to the game along with the zombie update. You can get extra BP and outfits if you download the game update before 25th February 2019.

  • Zombie mode is added in the game which the Tencent was developing in collaboration with the resident evil developers.
  • Fight with zombies and bosses from the Resident evil 2.
  • You will able to see the dynamic weather in the Vikendi map i.e. Moonlight.
  • Added player spaces.
  • New Resident evil 2 themes and music is added to the main menu.
  • Now the Sanhok map is available for the arcade matches i.e. in Quick match only.
  • You can see past result up to one month only.
  • Several bugs fix.

What new in the PUBG January 2019 update:-

A small update about 192 MB was released on 18 January 2019, in which several changes were and fixes were done. In this update, you are not able to see a zombie mode which the developer was building in collaboration with Resident evil makers. There are different things which are added in this game which were:

  • The MK 47 mutant rifle is now available for all the maps.
  • Now you can add a laser sight on your weapons to increase your killing accuracy.
  • With this update, you are able to build custom rooms in the vikendi map.
  • This update comes with the release of season 5 and royal passes.
  • Now you will be able to get good loot in vikendi map.
  • The new items are introduced in the shop.

Upcoming PUBG Mobile January Update:-

  • New vehicle Tukshai for Sanhok map if you don’t what is Tukshai it is a kind of auto rikshaw consists of three tires.
  • New Mutant rifle MK 47.
  • Tencent in collaboration with makers of the resident evil game to add zombie mode in the game.
  • Now you are able to see dynamic weather in Erangel as well as in Miramar map.
  • A new snow zone will be added to the Erangel Map.
  • In the next update, the beta version from the Vikendi map will be removed.
  • You can use the laser sight on your weapons for good accuracy.
  • Now you are able to see how you died from opponents weapon with the help of death cam.

Features of PUBG Mobile version 0.10.2 Apk:-

There are several new features added in the game which are as follows:

  • New 6 km x 6 km snow map Vikendi is added in the game which is greater then Sanhok but lesser than Erangel and Miramar in terms of area.
  • New vehicle snowmobile is added in the vikendi map.
  • Snow fighting in Vikendi map at spawn island.
  • After installing the Pubg mobile update 0.10.2 you will see snow theme at the main menu.
  • Crew challenge winners of season 1 will be displayed on the spawn island on their respective server.
  • Season 2 crew challenge registration will start on 18 December 2018.
  • Collect your daily reward all at once.
  • If you exit the game frequently so many times then you will ban from the game for some time period. To avoid leaving the match early.
  • Cross-matching feature in which players having the same league whether they are from the different server can play together at the time of matchmaking.
  • Spectate your opponent and found any unusual behavior report directly while spectating the game.
  • New layouts introduce in the game for the players with large hands. The button will enlarge itself while shooting, Crouching, sprinting and much more. This will make control easy.

Download 0.10.2

Wanna Know More About PUBG Older Version:-

What’s new in PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 update?

Tencent introduces new items and features to the game. To make the game more realistic developers added a dynamic weather system. Till now we have only sunny weather but in this update, you can see different kinds of weather system like sun setting afternoon time and fog weather in the game.  Besides this, you may also check out mini militia god mod apk with unlimited money and unlimited ammo free download for android. The night mode is the newly added weather which makes the game more realistic and challenging for the players. Night vision goggles also introduce in the game which is useful during the night mode. These goggles can be found inside houses and multi-story buildings.

The more features in PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 is FPP (First person perspective) driving mode. In addition to this, a new vehicle name “RONY” and new weapon “QBU” rifle introduced in the game which uses 5.56mm ammo. Other than that you can also build tower structures anywhere in the game. Dancing grenade introduced which is the copy of the Fortnite feature. Along with that, Hologram, Landmine trap and shield feature is also there.

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Team Up with Friends On PUBG Mobile version 0.9.5 apk:-

Survive the battle with your friends. Invite and team up with your friends, coordinate your battle plan through voice chat and set up the perfect ambush. Its good one on PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 apk.

Good news for players PUBG launches multiple FPP modes. So guys wait for the new updates.

 Features included in PUBG Mobile version 0.9.5 apk:-

  • Dynamic weather – Night mode.
  • Night vision goggles.
  • Dancing grenade.
  • Build tower structures.
  • Electrical mine trap.
  • Stone suit.
  • Shield.
  • Hologram.
  • FPP – Inside vehicle while driving.
  • New vehicle – RONY.
  • QBU – a weapon that uses 5.56 ammo.

PUBG November 2018 update features:-

  •  Royal Pass Season 4
  • Added more firearm, new character faces, rare outfits, hairstyle and dancing character
  • Added mission cards
  • Heavy discount on packs during Black Friday.
  • Increased odds of certain crate drops.
  • On Arcade mode PUBG Mobile add a hardcore map. But the hardcore mode is available on Erangel map.
  • New automatic rifle M762 is added to all the maps. This gunfire mode is the same as all old gun single shot, burst shot and auto shot. Single shot for fire only one bullet, burst shot for fire three bullet and auto shot for fire full magazine. You can’t believe that also add the extended magazine for increased bullet capacity.
  • You can experience day/Night in Sanhok map also.
  • In order to provide the same experience as PC hardcore mode is added.

In this update, the zombie mode is not available but the PUBG developers will soon announce the new update in which you will find this mode. Maybe the update will come in the next month.


Download PUBG Mobile 0.10.2 Apk:-

Follow the simple steps to download PUBG Mobile version 0.10.2 apk on your android device:

  • You can download the PUBG Mobile version 0.10.2 apk file from here.
  • Simply move the file to your device or directly download it to your device from the link provided and install it.
  • Make sure you have “Install from Unknown Sources” enabled in the security settings of your phone.
  • Start the game and wait for it to download any additional data.

Install PUBG Mobile 0.10.2 Apk on Android:-

  • Firstly, you will need to have PUBG Mobile 0.10.2 apk file on your Android device.
  • This app installs default if you are download from Google play store.
  • If you are download Pubg 0.10.2 apk file from other sources then the other method for installations when the download gets completed, just double click on the downloaded file and follows the steps to install PUBG on your phone.
  • If you don’t want to face any trouble on installations then enable the Unknown sources on your Android. For that, visit Settings – Security – Unknown sources.

  • After finishing the installation process, a shortcut will create on the home screen. Then open the app and start playing the games.
  • The PUBG Mobile Version 0.10.2 apk will install complete and enjoy the game on your smartphone.


PUBG Mobile 0.10.11 apk comes with many cool features like snow map, snowmobile, climatic variations. In short, the graphics quality improves further with the upcoming of the new map. As the new map is in beta testing as well as open for the player they can enjoy the new map. Also if there is any bug or fixes need to be done players can report to the Tencent. If you like our article then share it your PUBG lover friends and do not forget to rate the article. For the latest news about PUBG stay tuned to our blog.

Click here to download PUBG Mobile version 0.10.11 apk.

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